Hello and Goodbye

Goodbye – 2NE1

Hello everyone! For most of us university students, the new semester or quarter has begun. For those that live in the United States of America, we have a new president. We are divided among feelings. Some of us are sad, hurt, and angry. Some of us fear what is yet to come. Some of us hope that these four years will bring many blessings and greatness. Some of us feel everything.

Today is also the day that a renown Kpop band called 2NE1 released their last song. Goodbye. They released it as three instead of four, since one member has already left the company the group had a contract with. It is goodbye to a lot of things: goodbye winter break, goodbye Obama family, goodbye 2NE1, and goodbye to anyone else in our individual lives that is leaving us today.

But this song has an interesting title in its original language. 안녕 (‘annyeong’) 안녕 can both be said as hello and goodbye. Even though we are saying goodbye, goodbye is not forever. The memories of it still linger within us in our hearts. It is not a true goodbye. It is “see you in the near future”. And when we see you, we will say “Hello.”


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