The X-Family; ft. Jack Na playing violin!

Hello everyone!

It’s the 7th day of the Lunar New Year! Happy birthday everyone! Since we’re still continuing our spree of violin music, let me share with you  one of my favorite violin scenes from the drama The X-Family.  I was originally gonna share something from Angel ‘n Devil, but I couldn’t find the specific clip I wanted.

However, the violinist is the same. Jack Na is an absolutely amazing actor and violinist! I also love the series that he plays in. I also recommend watching the KO series if you haven’t seen it already! The original order goes as such: KO One, The X-Family, KO 3an Guo. There’s also more in the series featuring a new generation of actors/singers: KO One Return, KO One Re-act, The X-Dormitory, Angel ‘n Devil, and KO One Remember. This series is absolutely amazing because I love the music in it and the idea of having powered-people living among normal people. Sort of like Harry Potter without wands. My favorite is Ko 3an Guo. Now without further ado….

Excuse the horrible quality. The show is quite old. If you need it, the Chinese titles of the series are:

  • 終極一班 KO One
  • 終極一家 The X Family
  • 終極三國 KO 3an Guo
  • 終極一班2 KO One Return
  • 終極一班3 KO One Re-act
  • 終極X宿舍 The X Dormitory
  • 終極惡女 Angel n’ Devil/ KO Bad Girls
  • 終極一班4 KO One Remember

This is the order of the release dates. If you want to watch it in chronological order according to the time and place in the series, KO One Remember comes after KO One Re-act. I think Angel n Devil is somewhere around the same time as KO One Remember, but that can be watched as a separate show since there are no cameos of other characters from the other series.  The X Dormitory is last 🙂



Thinking While it’s Raining

Sound of Ocean – Ryo Yoshimata (Legend of the Blue Sea OST)

It’s raining heavily where I’m at right now. I thank God for services like Lyft and Uber, otherwise who knows how long I would have been stuck at the train station? All the trains from a span of 3 hours and maybe more were cancelled due to the horrible weather messing up the system. I pray for those still waiting to get home will get home soon.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I confess that I’ve been a bit sensitive these days. My mood swings back and forth, tears never flowed out easier from my eyes. I just hate everything. I don’t know how it happened. I used to not let words bother me. But I’ve been hearing the things I hate the most so much more often now, I think I’ve cracked. I can’t stand it anymore.

So I turn to music and writing (and [hot] herbal teas) to calm down. To try and fix myself. But I figured… music with lyrics will only make me feel worse. So I set a playlist of instrumentals. Soft and soothing instrumentals that calm you down. Sure, this is risking a wave of terrible thoughts to flow through my head… but I believe the calming effect of this song particularly allows you to refocus yourself.

Instead of running away and drowning yourself in your sorrows, face it. Face the things you want to get rid of…and embrace it. Make peace with the other side. And when you both make peace with yourselves, you will feel at peace.

On a side note, if you listen to this song while it’s raining, it sounds nice too. Isn’t it funny how nature affects music?