Schoolyard Legend: Three Lives Three Worlds Peach Blossom Destiny

In celebration of the release of the webdrama “Schoolyard Legend: Three Lives Three Worlds Peach Blossom Destiny” <<学院传说之三生三世桃花缘>>, let me present to you the main original soundtrack to this drama,  花开树下 网剧, sung by Jiro Wang Not sure of the English translation, but you pronounce it as this: Huā kāi shù xià wǎng jù 🙂

The rap is cringe-worthy, but don’t you like the sound of the erhu? I love it when modern-day songs include traditional instruments. It sounds absolutely beautiful.

I hope somebody subs this drama soon… my Chinese isn’t good enough to understand the whole plot! D:


Thinking While it’s Raining

Sound of Ocean – Ryo Yoshimata (Legend of the Blue Sea OST)

It’s raining heavily where I’m at right now. I thank God for services like Lyft and Uber, otherwise who knows how long I would have been stuck at the train station? All the trains from a span of 3 hours and maybe more were cancelled due to the horrible weather messing up the system. I pray for those still waiting to get home will get home soon.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I confess that I’ve been a bit sensitive these days. My mood swings back and forth, tears never flowed out easier from my eyes. I just hate everything. I don’t know how it happened. I used to not let words bother me. But I’ve been hearing the things I hate the most so much more often now, I think I’ve cracked. I can’t stand it anymore.

So I turn to music and writing (and [hot] herbal teas) to calm down. To try and fix myself. But I figured… music with lyrics will only make me feel worse. So I set a playlist of instrumentals. Soft and soothing instrumentals that calm you down. Sure, this is risking a wave of terrible thoughts to flow through my head… but I believe the calming effect of this song particularly allows you to refocus yourself.

Instead of running away and drowning yourself in your sorrows, face it. Face the things you want to get rid of…and embrace it. Make peace with the other side. And when you both make peace with yourselves, you will feel at peace.

On a side note, if you listen to this song while it’s raining, it sounds nice too. Isn’t it funny how nature affects music?

Hello and Goodbye

Goodbye – 2NE1

Hello everyone! For most of us university students, the new semester or quarter has begun. For those that live in the United States of America, we have a new president. We are divided among feelings. Some of us are sad, hurt, and angry. Some of us fear what is yet to come. Some of us hope that these four years will bring many blessings and greatness. Some of us feel everything.

Today is also the day that a renown Kpop band called 2NE1 released their last song. Goodbye. They released it as three instead of four, since one member has already left the company the group had a contract with. It is goodbye to a lot of things: goodbye winter break, goodbye Obama family, goodbye 2NE1, and goodbye to anyone else in our individual lives that is leaving us today.

But this song has an interesting title in its original language. 안녕 (‘annyeong’) 안녕 can both be said as hello and goodbye. Even though we are saying goodbye, goodbye is not forever. The memories of it still linger within us in our hearts. It is not a true goodbye. It is “see you in the near future”. And when we see you, we will say “Hello.”


Reality – Akdong Musician (AKMU) 악동뮤지션

Just your average day today. Let’s face it, most of our days are based on routine. We get out of bed, clean ourselves up, and get ready to go to work or school. After that, we come home, eat dinner, maybe sit back and relax for a few hours before going back to sleep.

I’ve been reading and watching a lot of dramas lately. It’s bad, I know. I always get that solemn feeling when I watch as the day pass by and nothing exciting happens. How come the drama happens to only leading characters of a story?

But you know, we are the leading characters of our own life story. There are little moments here and there that happen once in a while. Maybe nothing as dramatic as getting a supernatural being as a neighbor, but once in a while, some drama happens, and the plot thickens in our life. We could wave it off, saying it could happen to anyone, but in reality, it can happen to anyone.

This is the reality of it all.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some songs that aren’t love songs, check out some of this duo’s song. They’re a brother/sister group, and they write their own songs! 🙂


Breakup Aftermaths

It’s Over  – Lee Hi 이하이

Words in your head when you finally get over that person

Recently I had two friends break up after dating for 5 years. He had moved on quite quickly, and the she had finally gotten over him just a few days ago. There was so much bitterness and regret in their words, but nothing could compare to the anger hidden behind her last words. Though this song is quite cheerful sounding, the lyrics tell a lot. Their relationship was not honest at least 90% of the time on his part. I guess that was why it had to end.

Who can stand all the secrets and lies anyway?

Lyrics and Translations can be found here.

Hello! First post

Hello there! My name is Sabrina. This year, I’ve decided to start sharing music that I’ve recently discovered or really like to everyone. Whether you are feeling a certain way, or just want to listen to something new, this is the blog for you!