Saiunkoku Monogatari

Saiunkoku Monogatari, or the Tale of the Kingdom of Colored Clouds  is what really got me into the sound of the Chinese violin (erhu 二胡). The main character, Shuurei, plays this instrument, and the sound is a key part in the anime’s soundtrack. Not only that, the story is extremely beautiful and enlightening. Each character has their own journey; there is a stream of elegance and refinement in all of them. The colors and the design of the drawings behind the anime is really beautiful as well. I encourage everyone who has not watched this to watch it. Or read it, as it is originally a light novel by Sai Yukino.

It’s not really a romance story either, although there are hints of it here and there. It’s more like…. a really intelligent story.

But the music is what makes it ever so more beautiful.

These are the songs played by the main character in the anime. Look at the thumbnail of the characters! Shuurei is the beautiful lady in the center, and the Emperor is behind her.

Listen, listen, listen!