Moonlight Sonata~Grenade

I really love any song that combines classical music with modern day songs. It really brings out the message that music began somewhere. Most musicians start out getting trained classically before they move on to other genres. Take this artist for example. He’s actually one of my favorite violinists out there!

As a musician myself, I know that no matter how much we like these new modern sounds, we always go back to our roots.

Moonlight Grenade- Jason Yang (violin) and Jake Moulton (beatbox)


Violins~ Violins everywhere

Lately I’ve been really into string instrument songs, particularly violin ones. It’s probably because it was Lunar New Year this past weekend, and all I’ve been hearing is the festive music in Chinese culture. Of course, we have our own violin called the erhu, but I still love the sounds of the strings vibrating making music.

I always stated that when I have enough money, I’ll upgrade my current violin to become nicer sounding and I’ll also get an erhu so I could play my favorite tunes.

This week, starting today, I’ll be posting some of my favorite violin songs.

This one is Senbonzakura, a cover made by the renown Lindsey Stirling:

Isn’t it so beautiful? I love this song so much. I had actually forgotten about it until it popped up as a memory in my Facebook newsfeed.

I just love the fact that it’s very modern, yet holds a traditional melody and flow somewhere. Modern and traditional music mixed together is so awesome, I cry every time.